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Hello, and welcome to HOTMUSIC365 Academy!

Here, we teach aspiring musicians like you how to achieve their goals in the music industry.


One song, we believe, is all it takes to alter your life. We'll show you how to carefully build your own rhyme scheme while maintaining basic production practice. Every artist has a unique message to convey to the world, and we want to assist you in expressing yourself on a worldwide scale, not just locally. We are happy to customize your journey for you through a series of well-developed coursework, if you have trust in your artistry. You will learn how to fully express yourself as an artist, and how to best represent your brand, in order to reach as many demographics as possible through our courses.


Our classes are designed for artists who are serious about their ambitions and want to make them a reality. We're eager to collaborate with you to grow your brand, lyrically improve, and take your artwork to the next level. Let's collaborate to make the world aware of your sound and what you have to offer.



Every artist desires that their work, craft, and expression of their art effectively resonates with their audience. In music, your songwriting abilities bind you to your fan base and make them want to see you perform live. Long after your career as an artist has finished, perfecting your penmanship will ensure your longevity in this game. The capacity to create musical material is the one skill that will ensure your continued relevance in the music industry.


Your sole purpose on stage as an artist should be to captivate and influence the audience. There are several abilities that an artist must learn, and performing on stage is one of them. Allow us to assist with your artist development and guide you through the process of to having a strong stage presence.

Contractual agreements 

Reading and interpreting contracts is one of the most challenging aspects of being an artist. One of the most critical skill sets you will need to learn as an artist is the ability to properly evaluate a contract that is provided to you. Contracts can be difficult to understand, so knowing you have someone to help you with this aspect of your job helps keep you from signing contracts that aren't advantageous to you or your career. So, if you don't want to learn how to correctly interpret binding contracts before signing one, make sure you have a lawyer or legal team on your side.

Studio Production 

Most artists should be more careful when choosing the correct studio production team for their project more seriously. Artists and musicians frequently try to cut corners when it comes to investing in their music's production. The quality of your music will determine how far you advance as an artist. If your music isn't up to par, few people will take you seriously as an artist. It may take some trial and error to find the proper sound engineer for your project. However, once you've done so, you should be willing to put in whatever effort it takes to establish a production connection. A great production crew is generally a requirement for successful musicians.

Rhythm and flow

Your musical brand is your rhythm and flow as an artist. Before they see your face, your fans will recognize you by your cadence, rhythm, and flow. Longevity is frequently determined by an artist's genuineness and ability to engage a crowd. The cornerstone of how long you last in this game may be your rhythm and flow. Is your delivery genuine, or does it sound the same as every other song on the radio? Do you have the ability to adjust and are you versatile? It is only through being able to establish all of the aforementioned components that you will be able to stay afloat in this game. Be original while yet being adaptable and versatile. RHYTHM AND FLOW.

music videos

Creating a visual for your music release is your chance to really build a Fanbase relationship with any new fans who come across you. Either someone heard your song and now wants to see your visual, or someone happens to notice your visual while browsing. Whatever the case may be, you want a high-quality image that piques people's interest in you as an artist. When it comes to producing a visual for your song, your imagination and ingenuity are boundless. The wonderful thing about your visual is that you can attract the audience without spending a lot of money. All you have to do is be creative.


CREDIT is a hidden gem that most artists are unaware of. Finding a budget for projects is the number one reason why most artists never fulfill the potential of their abilities. This is not a job for the weak, and it doesn't care in the slightest about your financial status. You'll have to invest if you want to be the artist you want to be. Wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to leverage someone else's resources to advance your career?  Every artist should take advantage of their credit, and if your credit score isn't where it should be, you should focus on improving it. We strongly advise you to understand how to make the most of your credit in order to advance your music career.


Budgeting and utilizing your cash will enable you to cover all of your expenses and responsibilities as an artist. This topic is completely self-explanatory! If your visuals aren't up to standard, or your streaming numbers aren't up to par, but you're wearing every piece of designer clothing in every social media post, you might be suffering from a budgeting problem.


The game today is a full-fledged numbers game. The statistics are based on numbers, from social media logistics, to video views, to streaming and record sales. Your ability to fund and promote your release effectively determines your record sales and streaming stats. To believe that you can just release a project and earn a high number of purchases or streams is a recipe for disaster. Your numbers are determined by the quality of the music you released, as well as your ability to attract your audience to listen to it. You want to sell albums, don't you? You must properly promote and market your business, which you cannot do without an efficient strategy and the proper budget to do so.

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